SteamOK Max Nicotine

SteamOK MAX Nicotine

We provide you the top quality 99+% purity Europe grade nicotine.

Pure Nicotine 99+

SteamOK MAX Nicotine is produced in Europe and meets the Europe and US (EU, USP) pharmacopoeial standards. Natural product extracted from tobacco leaves with 99+% purity and specially made for vaping applications.

SteamOK MAX Nicotine is clear to light brown with the characteristic odor of tobacco, ultra-high purity, diacetyl-free and smooth vaping taste ensured.

Ideal to blend with every type of flavor to be used in e-liquids by manufacturers.

With the developed technology we ensure that the customer receives repeatable product of the same highest quality.

Our nicotine is also tested in independent laboratories, such as the Institute of Organic Industry, Eurofins.

Available Volume Options :
1000 ml, 250 ml bottles.

Nicotine Chemical Structure


  • Trade name: Nicotine
  • CAS Number: 54-11-5.
  • Content of nicotine: Over 99%.
  • USP: Conforms all USP parameters.
  • Appearance: Color clear to light brown.
  • Suggested storage conditions: Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly closed original packaging at temperature 0-10 C. Keep away from children.
Safety Data Sheet

Download the safety data sheet (MSDS) documents for MAX Nicotine.

Safety Data Sheet
Quantitative Analysis Report

Download the quantitative analysis documents for MAX Nicotine.

Certificate of Analysis

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