Chemnovatic PureNic 99+

PureNic 99+ (USP/EP)

Chemnovatic's pharmaceutical grade nicotine distilled in Poland.

Pure Nicotine 99+

Chemnovatic nicotine (CAS 54-11-5) is a natural product extracted from tobacco leaves. Over 99,5% purity, proved with certificates from accredited laboratories, exceeds USP and EP standards. Registered in accordance with REACH regulation.

PureNic 99+ (USP/EP) is distilled in Chemnovatic’s facility located in Poland. It is considered by many manufacturers to be the purest nicotine liquid on the market. It is a guarantee of the highest and repeatable quality of every batch (4-Steps Quality Verification).

Available Volume Options :
1 kg HDPE bottle

PureNic bottle


  • Trade name: Nicotine
  • CAS Number: 54-11-5.
  • Content of nicotine: Min 99,5%.
  • Content of water: Max. 0,5 %
  • Distillation: Nicotine distilled in Poland
  • Standard: USP/EP
  • Quality repeatability: 4-Steps Quality Verification; impurities below the level that could negatively impact color, taste, or odor
  • Organoleptic properties: Transparent clear color; light odor typical for highest quality
  • Suggested storage conditions: Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly closed original packaging at temperature 0-10 C. Keep away from children.
Safety Data Sheet

Download the safety data sheet (MSDS) documents for PureNic 99+

Safety Data Sheet
Quantitative Analysis Report

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Certificate of Analysis

Nicotine Salts

Chemnovatic’s nicotine salts available in our offer:
Chemnovatic Nicsalt-B

- A mixture of PureNic99+ and benzoic acid
- The strongest nicotine feeling among Chemnovatic's salts
- The most neutral aftertaste
- The very first salt on the e-liquids market

Chemnovatic Nicsalt-S

- A mixture of PureNic99+ and salicylic acid
- Most delicate among Chemnovatic's salts
- Characteristic however minuscule aftertaste

Chemnovatic Nicsalt-M

- A mixture of PureNic99+ and malic acid
- The most organic among Chemnovatic's salts
- Delicate citrus / acidic aftertaste
- Delicate throat hit

Chemnovatic Nicsalt-T

- A mixture of PureNic99+ and tartaric acid
- Growing in popularity
- "Cigarette-like" nicotine uptake
- Provides the highest nicotine absorption
- Delicate citrus / acidic aftertaste